Si Asha Foundation has the purpose to creates hope for the people with disabilities, vulnerable women, and marginalized groups, through education, treatment, empowerment and socio-labor inclusion, so that they can live with dignity.


Our mission is to work every day so that children and youth with disabilities, women and marginalized groups have their basic needs covered, receive a quality education and can develop professionally. In addition, we look after their protection and health, as well as to increase their acceptance within society.


Our vision is to create inclusive and welcoming societies where all people with disabilities, marginalized groups and women have access to the same rights and opportunities as other citizens and can live with respect and dignity. We aspire to create a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivity.



Our values are like a compass that guide us to develop our work and our social mission.




Education for all

To ensure access to education for children and youth with intellectual disabilities through special education schools, inclusive education schools and occupational training centers.

Health, Protection and Basic Needs

To provide physiotherapy treatment and medical services, coverage of basic needs, decent housing, protection, safety and empowerment for children, youth, and adults with disabilities.


Labor Inclusion

To create socio-labor insertion programs, job opportunities and entrepreneurship opportunities for people with disabilities, women, and marginalized groups so that they can live with autonomy.


To work to reduce the social stigma suffered by people with disabilities through awareness programs in various centers, institutions, and communities to create more inclusive societies.


Emergency Aid

Provide emergency assistance in the face of natural disasters, health alerts or other risk situations in the countries in which our action is focused.

Research and Technology

To research in the areas of disability and marginalized groups in order to develop different innovative projects which provide a solution to existing problems by connecting resources and technologies.



The Si Asha Foundation was created in 2019 by Aina Barca and Kailash Neupane, after having been working for the rights of children with disabilities in the city of Hetauda through the NGO Familia de Hetauda since 2012. Si Asha Foundation became an umbrella of the project established in Hetauda, with the goal to consolidate it and expand it throughout Nepal in a first phase and then to other developing countries. The Si Asha Foundation’s commitment is to create hope for children and young people with disabilities, women, and other marginalized groups. Inclusion is the pillar that moves our social action.

Si Asha Foundation

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